Artist Bio

 Artist Panther

35 years of experience in cultivating her ‘Artistic Eye’, entailed intense interpretation of observation, and absorption of every sight, sound, vista, emotion, adventure and reaction. Thru this sight, is the combustive manifestation of her Original Works of Art. Expressed in various mediums, she is consistently exciting, unpredictable, and unique. It is these very qualities that render Her works timeless, collectible, of value appreciating in drastic marks.

The Artist Panther Brunotte is a Multimedia Master Jeweler. Each piece is one of a kind, and individually executed and designed. Boundless to the rules of fashion, or restraints of tradition, we relish the fruits of her courage of unconventional choice.A true renaissance woman, Her work and mind, has time and time again been compared to the likes of Dali and Michelangelo.

She is an innovator; spinning her artist skills of painting, sculpting, charcoal, with her craftswoman skills of metal, resins and sealants, into a visual song, learned from her musician skills of piano, guitar, and voice, told in a story of eloquence, composed from her infinity to write poetry and song. All presented and performed live, before your very eyes; breath and enjoy the insightful deconstruction of all you’ve ever known of the history of art, into an uplifting, empowered essence of the Old World, when it was new.

Panther Brunotte understands that her talent is not hers alone...but rather, she is a tool for something much larger, focused to express, and interject inspiration into the world. “I have great interest in promoting courage, hope and confidence, throughout every culture, age and creed. I believe that Art is the perfect vehicle to bring every society, as a whole, to a higher consciousness, and to vibrate on a higher, more peaceful level.”