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Blue Lace Agate & Blue Lapis

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Blue lace agate is a soft blue, translucent stone that is believed to have a calming effect. It is often used for stress relief, anxiety, and promoting feelings of tranquility and peace. Additionally, blue lace agate is said to help with communication, encouraging clear and effective expression of one's thoughts and emotions.

Lapis lazuli, on the other hand, is a deep blue stone often flecked with gold. It is believed to have a powerful energy that can stimulate wisdom and good judgment. Lapis lazuli is often used for enhancing intellectual abilities, improving memory, and promoting inner peace. It is also said to be a stone of truth, encouraging honesty and authenticity in one's words and actions. Additionally, lapis lazuli is believed to promote a sense of inner power and self-awareness, helping the wearer to tap into their own inner strength and potential.

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