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Panther's Gallery


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In the heart of the land of Fantasia, there was a mountain known as Ave Maria. The mountain was said to be magical, and many travelers journeyed there to witness its beauty and power.

One day, the Artist Panther visited Ave Maria and was inspired by its magnificence. She decided to use her magic to create something special - a beautiful stone bracelet.

The stones on the bracelet were peacock, ore, bismuth, crystal, and citrine. Each stone had a unique power - peacock brought harmony, ore brought strength, bismuth brought protection, crystal brought healing and purification, and citrine brought mental clarity.

The stone bracelet created by the Artist Panther became a symbol of power and clarity, passed down from generation to generation. Those who owned the bracelet knew that they held a piece of magic in their hands, and that with its help, anything was possible.

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